Passion and Innovation are in our DNA

We are pioneering the next generation of engagement technologies.

Vision & Mission

Our journey has just begun. We are creating next generation engagement technologies, and our vision is to make business engagement rewarding for everyone, worldwide. Reward. Engage.

Our mission is to transform the engagement industry through innovative technologies by powering up products and services, which are globally accessible and fully localized to provide maximised personal impact. Think Globally. Act Locally.

Merit Incentives is a series A startup with offices in Dubai, London, Riyadh, Kuwait, Cairo, and Singapore. We are proud to have raised the Series A investment in 2021 led by Impact46 along with Tech Invest Com, Arzan VC, Hambro Perks Oryx and several regional angel investors.

Merit Incentives is the world’s leading innovative engagement technology company with products, custom solutions, and professional services in the industries of engagement, rewards, incentives, and branded payments.

Quoting Our CEO

“It is now imperative that companies interact directly with their customers and internally with their employees to create a lasting dialogue and emotional bond at every touch point. We believe that key success is for leaders and managers to be able to align and engage customers and employees to support their vision using SaaS technologies and premium digital content that Merit Incentives contributes to achieve.”

Julie Leblan, CEO, in Forbes Magazine

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Our Team

70 Employees, 16 Nationalities, 22 Languages Spoken

Our Market Reach

100+ Countries 

Our Offices

Dubai, Riyadh, London, Singapore, Kuwait, Cairo, Lahore

We Serve All Industries

Hospitality, Telecom, Airlines, Government, Healthcare, Oil & Gas

Our Redemptions

Over 100 Million Participants And Counting

Our Partners

5000+ Retailers & Service Providers, 20+ Currencies

Our Catalog

100+ Countries, 50 000 Skus

Our Connections

100 000 APIs

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Help you to Engage, Help you to Reward

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