You are currently viewing Groundbreaking Partnership Sets to Change the Incentives & Loyalty Landscape in Australia

Groundbreaking Partnership Sets to Change the Incentives & Loyalty Landscape in Australia

Merit, the global engagement technology start-up and
Elevate Loyalty, the Australian-based rewards program provider
strategically combine their expertise

Merit, the world’s leading provider of global incentive, rewards and engagement solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Elevate Loyalty, a rewards program provider that specialises in innovative technology solutions, to bring their products and content suite to the Australian market.

Merit currently operates in over 120 countries, with a network of +5,500 retailers and brands. The Merit team, with offices in Dubai, Riyadh, London, Singapore, Kuwait, Cairo, and Lahore, comprises 23 nationalities and 22 languages.

Elevate Loyalty, which launched in February 2023, offers a blend of incentive and rewards services with specialised technology solutions. As the key representative of Merit solutions in the Australian market, Elevate Loyalty will offer a range of global incentives and rewards to local businesses and organisations.

Many companies, SaaS providers and brands are seeking a single provider globally, with localised rewards and branded currency that appeals to their loyalty program members” said Jodie Wilson Founder and Director at Elevate Loyalty. “Merit can offer that now and we are looking forward to launch this partnership as one of the first strategic milestones in our roadmap.”

We are proud to announce our partnership with Elevate Loyalty to bring our incentives and rewards  technology solutions to the Australian market” said Julie Barbier-Leblan, Co-Founder & CEO at Merit. “Our extensive global network and “onboarding-agnostic” technology combined with Elevate’s expertise in loyalty programs make for a powerful combination that will change the incentives and loyalty landscape in Australia. We are looking forward to add value but also learn from the market.“, she adds.

The partnership between Merit and Elevate Loyalty was formed through the Women in Incentives Network (WiiN Global), where Julie Barbier-Leblan and Jodie Wilson met. WiiN Global is a business network for women in the incentives and loyalty industry across the globe that aims to build strong connections and deliver business opportunities.

The partnership between Merit Incentives and Elevate Loyalty represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the incentives and rewards industry in Australia.

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About Merit

Merit is a global technology-first company providing leading customer loyalty and employee engagement strategies. Its extensive product suite of end-to-end loyalty, rewards and gifting solutions with a reach to more than 70 million users worldwide in the financial services, airlines, travel & hospitality, healthcare, market survey…

With its own network of 5,500 partner brands across 120+ countries, the firm delivers on its promise of ‘thinking globally, acting locally’. Headquartered in Dubai, with a workforce of over 80+ employees representing more than 23 nationalities and speaking 22 languages, the company now has centers of operation in 11 countries worldwide.

About Elevate Loyalty

Elevate Loyalty are specialists in rewards, incentives, gift cards and loyalty. They source the latest technology, content, payment solutions and brands, both locally and globally, They seek to elevate the loyalty between a brand and its audience.

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