You are currently viewing Merit Incentives announces a disruptive technology innovation with Apple Pay to ensure a seamless customer journey

Merit Incentives announces a disruptive technology innovation with Apple Pay to ensure a seamless customer journey

Merit Incentives evolves its engagement technology platform to allow direct points redemption in store with Apple Pay

Merit Incentives clientele can now spend their loyalty points with a seamless experience

UAE, June 1st, 2022 – Global engagement technology firm Merit Incentives announced today that they are bringing forward a new method of earn and burn of points in store for customers of all of their engagement and loyalty platforms across the globe. This brings together the exciting SaaS technologies of Merit Incentives with the reach, technology and impact of Apple Pay. This technological partnership represents a huge step forward in the engagement, rewards and incentives industry.

In addition to Merit digital marketplace, customers can now check their points balance in Apple Pay and directly use them at any Merit partner merchant with just your phone!

Merit merchant network comprises 5,000 partner brands across 100+ countries, with 800+ retailers and merchants in the GCC alone, making it a firm that delivers on its promise of ‘thinking globally, acting locally’.

“We are constantly evolving our products and technological solutions and this was the next logical step both in terms of seamless experience for the end users and also the evolution of our next-gen technologies. They can immediately benefit from this innovative feature whether they are member of a bank loyalty or airline miles programme and even an employee recognition programme for a governmental entity” said Merit Incentives CEO, Julie Barbier-Leblan.

“We are delighted that this evolution has come to fruition, and we are so excited to pair our dynamic technology with Apple” said Merit Incentives CTO Thrishan Padayachi. “Given the fast-paced nature of our industry this represents a perfect fit as Apple have shown time and time again their desire to constantly revise and improve their service which is a quality, we recognize in ourselves.”

About Merit Incentives

Our team of experts combine over 80 years of experience in Merchant Acquisition, Digital Engagement, Customer Retention, Loyalty Program Management, Employee Recognition, Gift card and SaaS Technology. We help you design the best customized program for your target audience.

Merit Incentives now has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait & Jordan, in London and in Singapore.

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